FCP History

FCP History
"FCP was first established in 1996. The first factory was previously located in Soi Sukhumvit 62, producing food supplements, cosmetics, and snacks. Later in 2015, due to the continuous growth of the business but its limited ability of production
at the previous site, the new factory was then built in Chachoeng Sao on the area of 38 rais, with 21,000 sq,m. of functional space.
The current factory enables much higher growth in production as it is well-equipped with high-technological machines and
appliances that meet international production standards, equivalent to those of modern medicines.

With our strong determination and great care in all aspects of our business, we, FCP, are very attentive to the invention of our new products and the selection for the best quality of raw materials and ingredients.
Besides, we are always careful for the recruitment of the company staff and scientists, ascertaining that
they have the knowledge and skills in their specialized fields.

At present, FCP owns a wide variety of products that could serve different needs of our customers, resulting in a wide acceptance at both local and international levels among more than 20 countries worldwide."